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Error after completing configuration of the RD Connection Broker server for high availability with windows server 2019 and SQL 2016

I was set up high availability for brokers with 2019 windows server and faced this error:

Could not create the database <DatabaseName>. Please check that the broker server has access to the SQL server, the path for -DatabaseFilePath parameter exists and contains the SQL Server database file, the connection to SQL database is correct and SQL database is online. See the SQL Server and broker event log for more details.
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How to fix no graphics displayed with remote login to IBM RSA (White Screen)

At some point, I had to remote on one of the ancient IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II consoles, and it turned out that it was not updated since 2009. It was running an ancient version of Java KVM, so I had to do some magic to make it work due to the java security permissions.

For me, it was an error about a weak signature algorithm MD5withRSA.

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