Avaya Presence server not responding

Avaya Presence server not responding

If the presence is broken:


Or the contact list doesn’t appear:


First – check the service status on OneXPortal

If the status is green, but the problem still exists, it’s time to restart service.

Go to Avaya IP Office Web Manager (Use Internet Explorer)

Click the Hamburger menu button > Platform View

avaya-presence-server-not-respondingIf you see nothing, just a blank gap or “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate. “, you need to install Avaya certificate.

Stop and Start the services as required

Stopping a service is rather straightforward

Starting a service can take approx 5 minutes and the Start/Stop button may display “Force Stop” but this can be ignored and the service should eventually start.

Certificate issues

Open website in Chrome, Login, go to Platform View

Click the “Not Secure / Secure” button to the left of the address

Click “Certificate (Invalid/Valid)”


View the “Details” tab and click “Copy to file”

Next > Next > Browse for a location to save the file > Finish

Double-click the certificate file and click “Install Certificate”

Current User

Place all certificates in the following store

Browse > Trusted Root Certification Authorities

Next > Finish

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