How to Reset an IBM TS3100 Password

The TS3100 backs up critical tape data onto an internal hard drive, which protects the information against damage or loss. Data on the TS3100 is accessible through the unit’s Web interface after the user provides a user name and password. Buttons on the front of the unit let you reset the TS3100 password if you forget your access credentials. Resetting your TS3100 password takes about five minutes.

Press the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys on the front of the TS3100. The device enters “Interaction Mode.”

Tap “Up” or “Down” until “Configure” appears on the LCD display. Press “Select.”

Tap “Up” or “Down” until “Restore Default” appears on the LCD display. Press “Select.”

Scroll to “Restore Passwords” using the “Up” or “Down” arrows. Press “Select.”

Confirm your choice using the arrows, and “Select” button. The TS3100 RMU user access password resets to the factory default.

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