Kyocera ECOSYS M2535dn Firmware

Kyocera ECOSYS M2535dn Firmware

In case somebody needs it, you can get it here.

Instruction on how to install:

  • Format a USB drive with FAT32
  • Copy firmware files to the USB drive
  • Turn the machine off.
  • Insert the USB stick into the slot below the control panel (next to the power button).
  • Turn the machine on. 
  • Wait a few seconds, and the firmware should start updating.
  • Once the firmware update is complete, turn the machine off.
  • Remove the USB stick & turn the machine on again.

Inside the archives, these firmware files could be found:

  • M2535dn_2.102_2001
  • M2535dn_3.032_4.001
  • M2535dn_4.107_5.001
  • M2535dn_5.109_5.001

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